Hey There

Greetings Rice Grains,

I used to greet everyone as ‘fellow procrastinator’ until I realised that no one was really as incompetent as me and leave their projects to the last minute. I am the pro of procrastinators, I have a post to prove it. But enough of my bragging, time to let you guys know every boring detail about me, I’ll put it in the format of a dating profile.

Name: Char(lotte) Lee

Age: 16

Ethnicity: not Chinese

Description of Oneself: short, chubby, glasses-wearing, ignorant idiot


  • Music – currently into Bangtan Sonyeondan, Mamamoo, DΞΔN, Zion. T, EDEN and Hamilton
  • Reading
  • Creative writing
  • Blogging
  • Watching series – mainly Korean dramas and Korean variety shows
  • Photography

Looking For: Anyone who can put up with: my terrible singing; my spamming when I get a chance to text; and me tagging you to every single post I find funny or relevant to you. You also have to put up with the fact that I will probably love BTS and Mamamoo more than you, but don’t worry, you will be a close second. You will also have to handle my crying every time a character dies in whatever I’m watching or reading, trust me I cry a lot.

(But how can you not love them.)

I think that should be enough for you, if you want to know more about me, keep reading. I don’t tend to hold my thoughts back too much, so sometimes there’s almost too much information.

See ya around,

– C



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