Let’s Be Real, You Expected It

Hey dere, I'M ALIVE. More on that later. First I have an issue to address. So, the fourteen days of posting was a bust. Totally expected it of course. There were many explanations behind this, but for the sake of keeping it short. I'll highlight the key reason. The thing is. It turns out D-Day … Continue reading Let’s Be Real, You Expected It


First Day of WEX (D-13)

Hey dere, So, I've been in a conflict about how I should start my posts. It used to be ‘Greetings fellow procrastinators’ for a really long time, but then it changed to ‘Greetings Rice Grains’, but that feels weird, so I haven’t been happy with it. That’s what’s been going on my mind a bit. … Continue reading First Day of WEX (D-13)