First Day of WEX (D-13)

Hey dere,

So, I’ve been in a conflict about how I should start my posts. It used to be ‘Greetings fellow procrastinators’ for a really long time, but then it changed to ‘Greetings Rice Grains’, but that feels weird, so I haven’t been happy with it. That’s what’s been going on my mind a bit. I might be changing the layout of my blog because I don’t think it represents me properly, I am not this ‘pink’ in real life, it’s a lot more black and dark colours. But, we’ll see.

Anyway. Back to the actual reason for this post. So on the week of the 26th of June, I was doing my work experience in my school and lemme tell you. It was an experience. I’m just going to tell you what went down each day, but first, you all must know something important. I don’t like children, and this only reinforced it.

The first day, I was confused, my body was so confused as to what it was meant to be doing. Because it was my primary school, everything that the teachers did was so foreign to me. I was allowed in the staff room and I was like what? It was so strange and I avoided adults at all costs. On the first day I was assigned to one of the Year Six classes and coincidentally I was placed into my old classroom, it hadn’t changed that much, but it had still changed a bit, it would because it was a different teacher, a male one. I almost lost my crap when I realised it was a male teacher (I’m not being a hormonal teenager here), but the entire time I was in primary school (apart from in Reception) there were only female teachers and the only male teacher there was taught Year Six, so when I found out that the teacher was male I was so surprised, one of the teachers of Year Three is also male, times have changed.

It was strange, I didn’t see this teacher on the first day, he was ill and instead, the teacher’s assistant (who was also my teacher’s assistant back in the day) took over the class. It did kinda hurt me that none of the teachers recognised me, was I not troublesome enough? When the kids came in, I just awkwardly stood in the corner until the other teacher’s assistant (who also was around when I was around) told me to go sit down on a table amongst the little humans, she said I could tell them off if need be. But you see, I found it really uncomfortable to do that because I was literally them six years ago, I was that annoying-ass (still am) kid that just never shut up. It was ‘reading time’ for them, and expectedly they weren’t reading, the peeps on my table instead decided to interrogate me. I had been trying to learn their names and luckily I was paying attention when the register was being done because during this they decided to see if I knew their names, I successfully managed to name everyone on the table and the table next to me and I was hailed as a ’smart kid’. Then they proceeded to ask me if I knew any of the in-trends right now which are very different from what is in for my age range. They were mortified to know that I didn’t know who Logan Paul was (I still don’t) and were relieved that I knew who Rice Gum was at least.

Then the lesson began, about Hinduism, but one of the lads, we’re calling him Scott, kept on pulling derp faces at me and I couldn’t control my stupid-ass self so I threw a few of my own derp faces at him and he was so fricking surprised. He couldn’t stop laughing. I must admit, it was quite entertaining. And he kept trying to get his friend to turn around when I pulled the derp faces but I pretended to not know what he was talking about. This carried on for the rest of the week when I was in this classroom.

Their first piece of work was to do a mind map of some sort, but obviously, for my table, they weren’t properly doing that but interrogating me once again. I don’t remember much of the interrogation; but one memory will stick with me and it was with Scott again, this guy makes me laugh so much. As you all know, I’m a pretty open person, so I was open to answering most of the questions that they threw at me, but Scott, Scott man, he completely threw me off. It went something like this:

Scott: ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’

Me: ‘No.’

Scott: ‘Have you ever had a boyfriend?’

Me: ‘No.’

Scott: ‘Would you like me to be your first?’

He cracked me up. I was laughing like crazy and saying how illegal and wrong it was. But definitely a key part of my week that I will remember. Also, remember Scott, he comes up later too.

My first break time was another interrogation. Nothing unexpected. But another lad, we’ll call this one Percy, lovely guy, just too touchy for me. He kept on putting his arms around my shoulders and commenting on how short I was. I was basically saying ‘brah, stop’ the entire time. I realised during the course of the week that my speech deteriorated to that of primary school me. It’s crazy to think that ‘blad’ and ‘bruv’ were an everyday part of my vocabulary. Within this lovely chat with Percy and others who were just tagging along for the fun of it, I found out plenty of the gossip of the teachers, all those who had left and the teachers to avoid now. I also found out that loads of these young people had already previously been in relationships and Percy even had three girlfriends (one of them was in the year below). Then. They stole my visitor’s pass and ran off with it. To their surprise, I chased them too. And for being a person who hasn’t done any kind of physical activity for over 6 months, I kept up with them quite well. I got it back, the paper part ripped and scrunched up, but still useable. And all the blooming teachers that were on duty did nothing as this happened. Nothing.

The rest of the day involved me just watching the kids and answering any random questions they had. It was funny, I had planned to keep the fact that I liked anime and listened to K-pop on the down-low. But one of the girls that sat near me (who weirdly had the same name as my friend who liked anime and K-pop) had this sketchbook with some Korean bands on there and I couldn’t help but ask if she listened to them (of course she would dumb-ass, that’s why they’re one there) and Percy said ’no, it’s her DeathNote, she’s really a Shinigami’ and I replied that it isn’t possible for me to be able to see her yet because I haven’t touched the ‘DeathNote’ and it was at that moment they realised I was a total nerd. They tried to interrogate me at lunch, but I desperately needed a break, so I hid out for a bit and ventured out later. After lunch, they had a dance practice for their carnival thing and it was quite fun seeing them dance. When they lined up to go back to class, they were talking about Rice Gum to me yet again (being mildly racist whilst they talked) and I asked if they watched ‘NigaHiga’ as well and none of them knew who that was apart from Percy. I can always rely on you, Percy. And that was the first day.

I didn’t realise that this was going to be so long, I’ll stop here just so that I have stuff to write this week. I don’t know if you will have noticed, but in this post, the last post, and future posts I have put the letter ‘D’ with a number following in brackets. I’m doing this to countdown the days I have until my judgement day. And since I’m doing that, I’m also going to try and post every day until then. So from yesterday, there will be an entire fortnight of posts. It’s going to be a challenge since I apparently don’t write until after 21:00 every day despite doing nothing the entire day. We’ll see how it goes.

In other news, I have an Instagram now, so please go check it out @rdotgrain. Seriously, please follow me or like some of my posts on there. I can’t just have my friends who feel obligated to like them.

See ya tomorrow, I guess,

– C



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